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bi_addicts's Journal

Bathed and Infused: Welcome to the B&I Addiction
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A place for fans of etailer Bathed & Infused to gather and share in the B&I addiction
Welcome to the LJ support site for fans and addicts of Bathed & Infused, a fabulous scent etailer located in Golden, Colorado. Bathed & Infused offers more than 500 scents, all available as perfumes, cleansers, moisturizers and bath bombs.

Here, fellow addicts of B&I's products gather together to share our scent wish lists, review favorite and not-so-favorite scents, swap products and encourage each other to take advantage of B&I's many incredible sales.

Get clean. Smell good!

The rules here are simple, but for fun here they are in handy list form:

1. Keep it civil.

2. Swaps are at your own risk and your own responsibility, but frequent offenders in not completing a swap will be banned from the comm. This should be a safe place for people to swap, and having someone take advantage of that brings the whole comm down.

3. Place long lists behind an LJ-cut to spare people's friend's lists. If you're not sure how an LJ-cut works, it's like this [lj-cut text="Link text goes here"]Posty post post post[/lj-cut]. Replace the [] with <> and you're set.

4. It's fine to make multiple posts/updates about your wish list or swap list. The use of tags are also welcome.

That's it. Thank you and enjoy your stay.