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B&I Fifth Holiday Sale

The B&I Holiday sale is on! Head over for 30% off on your favorite goodies and give Curtis and Nicole some love!

B&I is up for sale

Curtis announced in the B&I forums that he and Nicole are putting B&I up for sale, effective immediately. All limited edition scents are now available for order in everything, until they run out.

I fully plan on making a stock up order of big perfumes. I wear Delice de Cartier every day practically, so I know I'll need a few.

I'm sad to hear this news, Curtis and Nicole are fantastic people. I hope the new owner will be the same.

Signature scents

After trying many, many B&I scents, two front runners stand out, and tell me what direction I should go in for future scents.

It seems my signature scents, the ones that make me feel best and smell the best to everyone else are in the "Floriental" category, a category I've always rather avoided for fear that they would be too mature or too overpowering to me. The winners are:

1. Delices de Cartier - This one will get me at least one "What are you wearing? You smell GOOD!" every time I wear it. At first I thought it was too mature or too swanky to wear every day, but it's become my go-to scent for feeling oh-so-pretty and confident.

2. Flowerbomb - Flowerbomb runs a very close second. It too gets me compliments and my dear husband likes this one just a smidge more than Delices de Cartier. It's a touch sweeter and fruiter than Delices de Cartier, but with enough base notes to hold it all together.

It's funny, because my first two purchases from B&I were Purple Pumpkin and Snow Queen. I didn't like Snow Queen at first, but the notes are very similar to Delices de Cartier, and I grew to love it. I can't wait to get a big spray of it when the winter scents are available again.

What about ya'll? What are your signature scents?

Thanks AG!

I got the burberry brit and aqua fresca.  I REALLY like the burberry, the aqua fresca is nice, and reminds me a lot of Bali.  

Thanks again for another great trade! 


cftatooedfreak, I got your EDP sprays on Saturday. Spellbound Woods smells wonderful. Soft, woodsy, and just slightly vanilla. Peach White Tea is a little too fruity for me, but it sure lives up to its name.

Thanks for swapping with me!

Lucky Ducky scent reviews!

Since it's going to take me forever to review everything I bought as part of the "kid in a scent candy store" $100 Lucky Ducky order and work is crazy for me right now, I'm going to try to review a few scents per day. I'm reviewing these scents as 8 ml EDPs.

The first four in here!Collapse )

Thought I was taking a break

But I was wrong...

It turns out I'm madly in love with Hope Chest and Spellbound Woods.  I ordered the large bottles of the EDP plus the in-between cream in Hope Chest.  I ordered an 8ml EDP of Clean for him and Mata Hari.    I used my 20% off duck, that came in handy.   The paddles I requested were Six Feet Under and Firefly.  

I blame the ducky

Here's my Big Ol' Lucky Ducky/DTSL order:

Big order is bigCollapse )